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Patriot II Filters

Purify Your Water With Our Carbon Filters

A GAC filter system is used to remove semivolatile and volatile organic compounds (SVOCs and VOCs), such as constituents of gasoline, heating oil, and chlorinated solvents from polluted drinking water. Depending on how polluted your water is, this type of system typically consists of one or two carbon canisters that are installed in series, so that each filter contains at least 12 ozs of granular activated carbon. AFI USA Group recommends that you install a pre-filter first to take out all of the suspended solids and sediment. This under the sink/whole house filter has an exclusive built in valve that allows the consumer to change the cartridge without shutting down the water.

Patriot II Filter


Dependable and Convenient Pre-Filtration Systems

The pre-filter in the Patriot filter is designed to remove any heavy sediment from the water before it can enter the carbon canisters. These paper element cartridges will become clogged with use, so you will need to change out your pre-filter in response to major reduction in water pressure. The frequency of changing it will vary based on the amount of sediment that comes through in the un-filtered water. As the pressure on your pressure gauge goes up this is an indication that your pre-filter cartridge is getting clogged and it is time to change it.

Check Out Our Sleek and Modern Designs

With quick-connect fittings, the installation of your new water filtration system is fast and easy. Our Patriot II filtration system comes in a sleek metallic chrome color and holds one standard 10" x 2.5" water filter cartridge. The countertop system that we offer comes with a diverter valve and direct faucet connection. This filter will match the rest of your modern stainless steel/chrome kitchen appliances perfectly.

Patriot II Over The Counter Filter

Your Water Purification Experts

The largest monolithic injection-molded unit is made by us right here in the United States. It has been designed to take everything out of the water down to 0.05 microns in size. Our canisters are also built to withstand pressure up to 300 PSI. If you're concerned about your water and you're seeking a company that has the best technical insight and a wide variety of options, call us today. We have experience with water filtration, purification, reverse osmosis, softening, de-ionization, aeration, and disinfection. AFI USA Group also provides water quality testing services for customers.

We're Committed to Your Satisfaction

Our carbon block filters utilize premium-grade carbon with an industry-leading surface area that allows it to maximize the potential of its absorptive capacity. A higher surface area helps to extend the life of each cartridge, which reduces the need for frequent filter changes. Through our innovative manufacturing process, we produce carbon block filters of exceptional quality and consistency for your home or business.

Water Treatment Systems You Can Trust

The selection, application, and supply of ion exchange resin is crucial to the performance of our water treatment systems. Our ion exchange resins are produced by the leading manufacturers in the industry in order to meet our stringent, performance-based specifications. This guarantees that our resins will do the best job possible at purifying your water while remaining competitively priced for your convenience.

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