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Get Your Water Filters Through Us

The Patriot Filter system can be modified to clean and purify any known contaminant in our water supply. AFI USA Group recommends that you first ascertain what water pollutants you want to remove before you purchase our products. For instance, if your local municipal water company supplies water that only has a certain amount of sand or other particulates removed from it, you should put in a pre-filter before the final carbon block filter is added to remove any larger pollutants beforehand. If you don't, the particles will clog your second-stage filter and cause premature pressure build up, forcing you to change your water filter cartridges earlier than necessary.

The Technical Knowledge and Experience You Need

We typically utilize a paper element filter that's similar to larger filters used for swimming pools. The major difference is in the initial pore size of our filters. Most swimming pool filters have an initial pore size of 100 microns or higher, while our 60-square-foot cartridges have an initial nominal pore size of only 20 microns. Our water filter cartridge will filter out any silt, sand, hair, and other objects that are present in your water supply.

Filter the Water for Your Entire Home

Our Patriot Filter system is designed to filter the water for your entire home and should be installed as the water comes into your home usually around where your water heater is located. The filter unit can installed outside before the water comes into your house, buts it MUST be protected against the elements (heat and cold.) Flow rate, clean, can be as much as 1000gph depending on your house water pressure/volume.

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