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Introducing the Patriot Filter Systems,
the Most Efficient Filters in the World

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Patriot Water Filtration Systems

The Best Water Filters on the Market

Filtration and purification of water at your home or business is quick and easy with our wide selection of high-quality products. Our company makes the Patriot Filter, which is the largest monolithic-cast water filter for homes and businesses throughout the United States. We also make the Patriot II which is an under the counter filter as well as the Patriot II above the counter filter. Last but not least, we manufacture the Clear Water Mountain Straw, which is extremely convenient and portable for all the outdoor activities where you might need to access a stream or nearby river for some refreshing, clean drinking water.

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Water Filtration System

Our Patriot Filter system and cartridges are some of the most advanced water treatment products on the market.

Patriot Filters

Patriot Filter

We offer the best products available for removing water contaminants and other debris from your water supply.

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Chrome Filter

Once you utilize our GAC filters for your water, you'll never want to use another type of carbon block filter again.

Our GAC Filters
Portable Water Filter

Let us help you with your water purification and filtration needs —you won't be disappointed with the results.

Clear Water Mountain Straw

Get all of your water filter cartridges and purification systems from us.

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About Us

AFI USA Group was founded in 1982 by an engineer who worked in the water purification industry for over 30 years and has invented over 15 different pressure-canister water filters. Our staff has an additional 30 years of combined experience working with water filtration and plastics of all types. Although we initially started our business by selling filtration systems for large aquariums, we eventually moved towards water filtration products for people.

By putting all of our experience and knowledge together, we've been able to create amazing products like the Patriot Filter and the Clear Water Mountain Straw. All of our water filtration systems comply with National Sanitation Foundation and American National Standards Institute (NSF/ANSI) standards 42 and 53 for the reduction of specific contaminants found in drinking water that are particularly hazardous to your health. We have customers located across the United States, and we're currently exploring the international market due to the high demand for clean water around the globe.

Our Products Protect You Against Contaminants Such As Pathogenic Parasitic Organisms, Lead, E. Coli, and Mercury


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